Sat 19th of December

5 pm

duration: 30 min

Carreau du Temple — Salle de spectacle

A part of me… a part of you

Cleve Nitoumbi

© Paul Gaiffe

Ridicule, insult, humiliation and death threats, this was the everyday for Cleve Nitoumbi (born to Congolese parents in Ukraine), before he decided to flee. It was with this mistreated body that he began to dance, to defy the stares and force them to really look at him, he who they called “the hideous black-skinned monkey”.

Choreography (Street-jazz, dance hall, hip-hop, afro, voguing, waacking) Cleve Nitoumbi* (Ukraine) and Ivo Billy (Italy). With Suzanne Degennaro (Italy), Alex Grammont (France), Vanessa Kouassi (Italy), Vicky Mondor (France), Cleve Nitoumbi*, Mathieu Toussaint (France). Music Beidy Dia* (Mali).
*member of the agency of artists in exile