sam. 19 dcembre

musical show

Sat 19th of December

3.30 pm

duration: 50 min

Carreau du Temple — Halle


collective creation

© Juvenal Balestrini

Four singers and a musician, all of them women, deliver their story in texts and songs, and together they tell their exile and their quest for freedom. Uyghur, Iranian, Sahrawi, Congolese, Venezuelan, they left their country and went through a double struggle: the emancipation of their people and of their gender. Far from prohibitions, they can now sing about their right to exist.

With Diana La Fraise* (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Aida Nosrat* (Iran), Dighya Mohammed Salem* (Western Sahara), Nasima Shavaeva* (Kazaksthan), Angerlin Urbina* (Venezuela). Artistic direction Judith Depaule (France). Scenography Maral Bolouri* (Iran). Sound coordination Daniel Blanco* (Venezuela). Compositions for the flute Juvenal Balestrini* (Venezuela). Costumes Abdou Khadr Faye* (Sénégal).
*member of the agency of artists in exile