6.30 pm

duration: 1h30

Bibliothèque Forney

Honoured artists in exile

© Lucie Belarbi

From the collections of the Forney library and the works presented in exhibitions, members of the agency of artists in exile are trained on the analysis of images and cultural outreach by enriching their vocabulary in the field of art.  They present their work in the recent Jeu de Paume exhibition “The supermarket of images” which they extended with dance, musical and poetic performances.

With Maral Bolouri* (Iran), Mustapha Elnoor* (Soudan), Farzaneh Hashemi* (Afghanistan), Omar Haydar* (Syria), Cleve Nitoumbi* (Ukraine). Directed by Marguerite Demoëte and Myrtille Gasparutto.
*member of the agency of artists in exile