6th Nov — 19th Dec

Tue — Sat, 2 pm — 6 pm
Thu, 2 pm — 7 pm

Pavillon Carré de Baudouin

Mafloum Fast Film Festival


Founded by Mohammad Hijazi, with the support of Art Cube Production, the Maazoul (“isolated” in Arabic) network brings together creators from all over the world, residing in Egypt, Austria, Canada, France and Germany. It was originally an online radio platform, used for exchanging thoughts and ideas with friends around the world, sharing music and creating connection through programming, to combat isolation and its monotony. Over time the radio evolved into a YouTube channel and a facebook page that streams live plays, interviews and recipe videos, produced using whatever ressources were available. Every Sunday night a Fast short film is produced and broadcasted. This is the concept that inspired Mafloum’s Fast Film Festival, open to all those wanting to contribute a quickly produced film. The videos presented are taken from this project.

#Maazoul is an Arabic word meaning “isolated”.
Maazoul from the planet?
Maazoul in a country, in a house?
Maazoul from society?
Maazoul from the ocean?
Maazoul from ideals?
Maazoul from reality?
Maazoul from isolation?

Creation by Alaa Ghazal, Amer Al-Barzawi, Ammar Dalati, Ammar Khattab, Anmar Hijazi, Bahraa Hijazi, Elias Abu Assali, Farouk Nashar, Haitham Karachay, Minas Ra, Mohammad Hijazi, Nanda Mohammad and all those who wish to join.
#Maazoul Network.