sam. 19 décembre


Sat 19th of December

3 pm

duration: 30 min

Carreau du Temple — Halle

Transition through Reproach Valley

Kubra Khademi

© Romain Guédé

For her first collective performance, Kubra Khademi, explores the experience of famine, disease,   environmental disaster, war and the injunction laid upon us, that we remain calm, patient and positive. But what really happened? How should we have reacted? And what is the role of art in such a situation? A cure for social pressure? “A reflection of a society”?

Collective performance by Kubra Khademi* (Afghanistan) With students from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon (CNSMD) and The École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (ENSBA).
*member of the agency of artists in exile


musical show

Sat 19th of December

3.30 pm

duration: 50 min

Carreau du Temple — Halle


collective creation

© Juvenal Balestrini

Four singers and a musician, all of them women, deliver their story in texts and songs, and together they tell their exile and their quest for freedom. Uyghur, Iranian, Sahrawi, Congolese, Venezuelan, they left their country and went through a double struggle: the emancipation of their people and of their gender. Far from prohibitions, they can now sing about their right to exist.

With Diana La Fraise* (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Aida Nosrat* (Iran), Dighya Mohammed Salem* (Western Sahara), Nasima Shavaeva* (Kazaksthan), Angerlin Urbina* (Venezuela). Artistic direction Judith Depaule (France). Scenography Maral Bolouri* (Iran). Sound coordination Daniel Blanco* (Venezuela). Compositions for the flute Juvenal Balestrini* (Venezuela). Costumes Abdou Khadr Faye* (Sénégal).
*member of the agency of artists in exile


Sat 19th of December

5 pm

duration: 30 min

Carreau du Temple — Salle de spectacle

A part of me… a part of you

Cleve Nitoumbi

© Paul Gaiffe

Ridicule, insult, humiliation and death threats, this was the everyday for Cleve Nitoumbi (born to Congolese parents in Ukraine), before he decided to flee. It was with this mistreated body that he began to dance, to defy the stares and force them to really look at him, he who they called “the hideous black-skinned monkey”.

Choreography (Street-jazz, dance hall, hip-hop, afro, voguing, waacking) Cleve Nitoumbi* (Ukraine) and Ivo Billy (Italy). With Suzanne Degennaro (Italy), Alex Grammont (France), Vanessa Kouassi (Italy), Vicky Mondor (France), Cleve Nitoumbi*, Mathieu Toussaint (France). Music Beidy Dia* (Mali).
*member of the agency of artists in exile


Sat 19th of December

6 pm

duration: 1h

Carreau du Temple — Salle de spectacle

Ko Shin Moon

Axel Moon and Niko Shin

© Julia Grandperret

The core of Ko Shin Moon’s project is the exploration in its purest meaning. In their studio where they accumulate machines and instruments, Axel Moon and Niko Shin compose a music that mixes feverish moments and instrumental collections. Their credo is eclecticism, cosmopolitanism and hybridity.

In 2020, Ko Shin Moon fully dedicate themselves to a series of albums named Miniature. As a tribute to folk and pop cultures of Maghreb and India, this series will take the auditor through spatio-temporal borders. The first album, released on the 10th of December, explores the musical traditions of Egypt and the Levant.

With Axel Moon and Niko Shin.

dim. 20 décembre

marionettes show

Sun 20th of December

11 am & 3 pm

duration: 45 min

Carreau du Temple — Salle de spectacle


Maryam Samaan

©Christophe Maout

Forced to leave his country, ravaged by power struggles and war, the child who comes from elsewhere explores new landscapes and dialogues with his memories. Inhabited by a feeling of strangeness, caught up in the past, he tries to tame his fears in order to learn to live afterwards.

Creation and scenography by Maryam Samaan* (Syria). Scenography and video installation by Khaled Alwarea* (Syria).
Performance and dance by Mams* (Guinée). Violoncello Louise Debaecker (France). Shadow performance and lights by Fadi Idris* (Palestine).
*member of the agency of artists in exile


Sun 20th of December

5 pm

duration: 55 min

Carreau du Temple — Halle

Je passe 4

Judith Depaule

© Anne Volery

They went to the other side to escape war, ethnic conflicts, political repression, sexual discrimination, segregation… They arrived in France with a visa, through the road or the Mediterranean, some obliged to stay there; seven artists entrust their portrait by video, as well as their exile story, transmitted by actors and actresses. After “Je passe 1, 2 et 3”, the last part highlights the journeys of seven new members of the agency of artists in exile, for seven groups of spectators.

From the stories of seven artists in exile. Creation by Judith Depaule (France). Images by Samer Salameh* (Palestine/ Syrie). With Nino Djerbir (France), Zélie Gillet (France), Pablo Jupin (France), Mouradi M’Chinda (Comores /France), Morgane Peters (France), Angelica Kiyomi Tisseyre-Sekine (France), Clémentine Vignais (France).
*member of the agency of artists in exile