Sun 20th of December

5 pm

duration: 55 min

Carreau du Temple — Halle

Je passe 4

Judith Depaule

© Anne Volery

They went to the other side to escape war, ethnic conflicts, political repression, sexual discrimination, segregation… They arrived in France with a visa, through the road or the Mediterranean, some obliged to stay there; seven artists entrust their portrait by video, as well as their exile story, transmitted by actors and actresses. After “Je passe 1, 2 et 3”, the last part highlights the journeys of seven new members of the agency of artists in exile, for seven groups of spectators.

From the stories of seven artists in exile. Creation by Judith Depaule (France). Images by Samer Salameh* (Palestine/ Syrie). With Nino Djerbir (France), Zélie Gillet (France), Pablo Jupin (France), Mouradi M’Chinda (Comores /France), Morgane Peters (France), Angelica Kiyomi Tisseyre-Sekine (France), Clémentine Vignais (France).
*member of the agency of artists in exile