marionettes show

Sun 20th of December

11 am & 3 pm

duration: 45 min

Carreau du Temple — Salle de spectacle


Maryam Samaan

©Christophe Maout

Forced to leave his country, ravaged by power struggles and war, the child who comes from elsewhere explores new landscapes and dialogues with his memories. Inhabited by a feeling of strangeness, caught up in the past, he tries to tame his fears in order to learn to live afterwards.

Creation and scenography by Maryam Samaan* (Syria). Scenography and video installation by Khaled Alwarea* (Syria).
Performance and dance by Mams* (Guinée). Violoncello Louise Debaecker (France). Shadow performance and lights by Fadi Idris* (Palestine).
*member of the agency of artists in exile